Livonia Vision 21 Master Plan

Livonia Vision 21 Master Plan

Welcome to LIVONIA VISION 21, the City's Comprehensive Master Plan!

Livonia’s Plan directs city-wide policy and future decisions for land use, transportation, neighborhoods, infrastructure and open space, among other topics. The Plan identifies important places in Livonia to connect through innovative mobility and enhance with new housing and business development. The LIVONIA VISION 21 Master Plan is action-oriented, identifying priority steps for the next three years to secure Livonia for the next 100-years.

We are enthusiastic about LIVONIA VISION 21 and eager to see the positive impacts it will have on the residents and businesses of the Livonia community.

Updated Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

Like the LIVONIA VISION 21 Master Plan, the LIVONIA VISION 21 Zoning Ordinance is a significant departure from the old way of doing things. First and foremost, it replaces an outdated code that was written over 50 years ago. As with any municipal zoning ordinance, it covers a vast array of issues related to land use and development which—for most people—can be daunting and confusing. For this reason, a major objective was creating a format that is user-friendly, incorporates easy-to-read tables and graphics, and uses modern technology to assist the reader, such as cross-referenced hyperlinks.  

In many respects, the LIVONIA VISION 21 Zoning Ordinance and corresponding Zoning Map are designed to encourage and facilitate the implementation of the goals and objectives of the LIVONIA VISION 21 Master Plan. Some of the key features of the new Zoning Ordinance include:

  1. Consolidating, restructuring and renaming several zoning districts to correspond with the future land use classifications of the Master Plan.
  2. “Right-sizing” the City’s residential districts to reduce the amount of nonconformity that currently exists which can hamper owners from making improvements to their properties.
  3. Incorporating form-based development standards for the City’s commercial districts to encourage and expedite redevelopment of the Master Plan’s three Special Planning Areas and Mixed Development Centers. Form-based standards focus more on achieving good design principles and less on the separation of land uses.
  4. Recodify and reorganize the entire zoning code to make it easier and more convenient to navigate directly to the article or section that the user is seeking.
  5.  Adding standards for new technologies and land uses, like electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and solar and wind-powered energy systems.

As you examine and read through the LIVONIA VISION 21 Zoning Ordinance, we hope that you find it easy to navigate and understand, especially when compared to the City’s current zoning ordinance.