Fitness Hub

Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular equipment includes:

  • Arc Trainers
  • Concept II Rower
  • Elliptical Cross Trainers
  • eSpinner Cycle
  • Nustep
  • Recumbent/Upright Cycles 
  • Scifit Pro II Ergometer (Adaptable for disabled use)
  • Stair Climbers
  • Stepmill
  • Treadmills

People working out in a gymSelectroized Machines & Free Weights

Machines and free weights include:

  • Curl Bars
  • Dumbbells
  • Free Weight Benches
  • Leg Press
  • Multi-functional trainers
  • Smith Machine Rack
  • Squat Rack

16 Stations of Circuit Training

Learn to safely use the Fitness Hub weight machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment to shape, tone and strengthen your body. Qualified weight training staff will be on hand to answer questions on equipment use. New members receive a free Fitness Hub Orientation!

Children & Youth

Children ages 12 and under are not permitted in the Fitness Hub. This includes strollers, baby carriers and children sitting inside the fitness hub area while a parent/guardian is exercising. Must be a minimum 16 years of age to enter in the Fitness Hub. Youths 13 to 15 years of age may complete a "Teens In Training" Session, which will allow them to enter the Fitness Hub without an adult.