How do I submit a Freedom of Information Act request?

How to Obtain Records

To obtain information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), please fill out the Request Form (PDF) and submit it to the Law Department. The FOIA request can be sent to the Law Department in one of the following ways:  

- Mail to: City of Livonia Law Department, 33000 Civic Center Drive, Livonia, MI 48154
- Fax to: (734) 466-2072
- Email to:

If you are seeking police records, please submit the FOIA request directly to the Livonia Police Department.

After receiving the request, the appropriate public body has 5 business days to respond to the request. Please note that the public body may invoke a 10 business day extension.

While information requested is generally available, there is a monetary cost associated with locating, copying, processing, and/or mailing the requested material. Note, some information is not subject to disclosure. In the event that information requested is not provided to you, an explanation will be given which sets forth the reasons for the denial.


Generally, the cost for copying is $0.10 per page. For requests totaling $50 or above, we will contact you prior to processing to receive authorization. Additionally, a deposit of 50% is required for requests in excess of $50.

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