Mission:  Livonia's Commission on Children and Youth exists to identify needs of our city's youth.  Its mission is to respond to those needs by promoting academic leadership, citizenship and community involvement through recognition, events, or programs, which enhance quality of life for present and future generations of our community. 
Livonia Youth Commission

The Commission on Youth and Children recommends policies and general procedures regarding the needs of children and youth and appraises conditions that affect the city’s youth. 

Meetings: The Youth Commission meets four times a year (Feb. Apr. Aug. Oct.) on the first Tuesday of the month in the 3rd Floor Conference Room at Livonia City Hall at 6:30 p.m.  The Commission has 9 members appointed by the Mayor for 3 year terms.

    Commission Members:
    Ken Balcoff
    Jessie Claypoole
    Timothy DeWitt
    Laura Duggan
    George Gostias
    John Grzebik
    Nadia Ideh
    Trevor McCann
    Dan Spurling – Chairperson

    The commission takes part in various events and programs including: 

  • Distributing seedlings to Livonia and Clarenceville 4th grade students during Arbor Day week to promote the students' responsibility to the environment.
  • Purchasing prizes for Livonia Spree Family Day, to be passed out to children who participate in events and contests at the Spree.
  • Printing and distributing emergency window stickers that identify the location of young children and the elderly in a home.
  • Selects Spree Memorial Scholarship Award recipients, in conjunction with the Livonia "Spree" Anniversary Committee, for graduating high school seniors. 2018 Scholarship Recipients are Carissa Gidley, Brianna Regan, and Madison Ruffing..
  • Awards Honor Certificates to all graduating high school seniors with a 3.0 grade average encouraging as well as recognizing academically above-average students.
  • Monetary sponsorship of Livonia high schools' "Senior All Night Graduation Parties" inviting students to complete their graduation ceremonies back at their schools with their classmates.
  • Various themed Activity Nights in a coordinated effort with Livonia Parks and Recreation held at the Recreation Center for Senior High or Middle School students. The facility is rented after hours to offer area students a safe and fun Saturday night  "something to do" with peers.
  • Working with the Livonia Goodfellows to host a Holiday Party for needy children in November.
  • Back to School Supply Program in the summer to provide needy children with backpacks and school supplies.