Greenleaf Award

The City of Livonia Greenleaf Award was created to recognize Livonia organizations which implement sustainable practices, social responsibility and economic development in their operations.

Modeled on the "Triple Bottom Line" approach, these organizations demonstrate to our community that the idea of economic prosperity, social equity and environmental quality are equally important.

In collaboration with the City of Livonia, Livonia Chamber of Commerce, and the Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability, this award recognizes Livonia organizations that demonstrate their commitment to making Livonia a more sustainable, green community.

Nomination Forms

City of Livonia Sustainability Award Application

City of Livonia Sustainability Award Guidelines

Nominations and the Nominees must demonstrate sustainable activity, innovation, and measurable results.

Nomination Information

     •Nominated By Others

Awarded to Livonia organizations that are:
     •Economically Smart
     •Socially Smart
     •Environmentally Smart

Modeled on the “Triple Bottom Line” approach
     •The idea that economic prosperity, social equity and environmental quality are equally important
Judges local organizations in three dimensions of performance:
     •Sustainable Economic Development
     •Social Responsibility
     •Environmental Quality

Sustainable Economic Development
     •Programs That Contribute to the Long-term Economic Development of the Local Economy
     •Product/Service Innovation to Respond to or Anticipate Changing Customer Needs
     •Systems for Increasing the Productivity and Efficiency of Employees and Operations
Social Responsibility
     •Charitable and Community Outreach Efforts
     •Programs to Provide a Positive Work Environment and Allow Employee Feedback and Participation
     •Family-Friendly Environment and Provides Work/Life Balance

Environmental Quality
     •Programs to Reduce Waste, Conserve Resources, and Reduce the Use of Toxic Substances In Operations
     •Produce Products or Services that Benefit the Environment
     •Efforts to Protect or Improve the Quality of Urban Environment
Collaborative Effort
     •Livonia Chamber of Commerce
     •Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability
     •City of Livonia

Recognizes Local Organizations
     •For Incorporating Sustainable Practices into their Operations
Leverages Leadership and Awards Celebration Event
     •Conducted by Livonia Chamber of Commerce
Eligible Organizations 
     •In Operation in the City of Livonia for at Least Two Years
     •Organizations with a Minimum of Two Full Time Employees Located Within The City Of Livonia
     •Organizations of All Sizes Are Encouraged To Apply


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