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Dog Park Check List (PDF)

Dog Park Complaint Process (PDF)

Dog Park Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Dog Park Application (PDF)

The City of Livonia Dog Park is located in Bicentennial Park (Seven Mile and Wayne Roads) .


Livonia residents with licensed dogs will be able to access the park for a $30 annual fee for the first dog and $10 for each additional dog. There is a maximum of three dogs per household. Fees may be paid by cash, check or charge. Checks must be made payable to the City of Livonia.  The Dog Park is open year round. The annual fee is renewable on January 31. Fees are not pro-rated.


The Dog Park features waste stations, a doggie drinking fountain (available April through September), benches, agility stations, areas designated for small and large dogs, as well as an open area to allow for rotation. 

How to Access the Dog Park

To gain access, complete the Dog Park Application and take it to the City Clerk (located at City Hall). Please review the Dog Park Check List to make you have all of the necessary documentation before prior to going to City Hall.

Please review the Dog Park Rules and Regulations. Owners must adhere to the rules to ensure the safety of dogs and their owners.

In the event that any of the rules are violated by a fob holder, a complaint is made against a fob holder or a violation is witnessed by an employee of the City of Livonia, the formal Complaint Process will be followed.

We hope you enjoy the Dog Park at Bicentennial Park!