Water Rate Information

2019 Water and Sewer Rate Changes 

v  What is a fixed fee? 

o   A fixed fee reflects the cost of bringing water to your house, before you turn on the faucet.  A fixed fee is charged to cover system costs that occur whether a customer buys one gallon or 1,000 gallons of water.  Examples of fixed costs include debt service payments and investments in infrastructure (water and sewer pipes, valves, etc). 

o   The fee is based upon the size of the meter.  A larger meter increases the ability to make larger demands on the system, and therefore, costs more. 

Where do the fixed fees come from?

o   Great Lakes Water Authority (water) and Wayne County (sewer) 

o   These fees are pass-through charges 

o   City of Livonia – debt and infrastructure cost 

 What are Commodity Charges?  How did they change?

o   Commodity Charges are per unit consumption charges based on meter readings.  These charges apply to all meters. 

o   Commodity Charges per billing unit (750 gallons) have increased from $5.15 in 2018 to $5.19 in 2019. 

What are Large User Charges?  

o   Large User Charges are per unit charges assessed on water meters 1.5 inches and larger. Large meters have the ability to put more stress/demand on the system. Large User Charges are designed to spread the system cost more equitably.

o   Large User Charges per billing unit (750 gallons) are $2.66, in addition to Commodity Charges. 

Why maintain the infrastructure?

o   It is less costly to maintain water and sewer pipes than to replace them.  Much of the underground water and sewer system in Livonia is very old. 

o   A car is a good example.  An oil change is less costly than a new engine. 

What would it cost to change the size of my meter?

o   The ability to change meter size depends on the plumbing within a structure.  You will need to have your situation assessed by a plumber to see if the desired change is possible. 

o   When a meter is being changed to a smaller size, the City will absorb 100% of the cost. 

o   When a meter is being changed to a larger size, the owner will pay 100% of the difference between the price of their current meter and the larger meter. 

o   When a meter is being changed that doesn’t require a different size meter, the City will absorb 100% of the cost. 

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