City Ordinance 13.08.120-Water Meters-Location and Installation Charge

Meter Installation and reading device charges are based on City Ordinance 13.08-120-Water Meters-Location and Installation Charge. 

All new buildings shall be equipped with outside meter-reading devices at a charge to the owner of forty dollars ($40.00) for each touch pad-type device installed, or one hundred fifty-five dollars ($155.00) for a radio-type outside reading device. This installation charge is in addition to and made payable at the same time as the service connection charge. Where premises have no cellar or basement, or where no suitable place for a meter is provided by the property owner, or where the Water and Sewer Division has been unable to make a meter reading for a period of not less than two (2) successive billing periods, the property owner shall be charged forty dollars ($40.00) for the installation of an outside touch pad-type device, or one hundred fifty-five dollars ($155.00) for a radio-type meter-reading device approved by the Water and Sewer Board; provided, however, that where an outside meter-reading device is installed for a nonresidential building and the cost of such installation exceeds forty dollars ($40.00) (touch pad device) or one hundred fifty-five dollars ($155.00) (radio read device), the property owner shall be required to pay to the City an additional charge in order to cover the cost of same. (Ord. 2704, § 3, 2005: Prior code § 5-413(b))