Play Structures and Play Equipment

Rotary Playground  


  • Beverly Park (South of 7 Mile, East of Merriman, Flamingo & Pickford) Play structure
  • Bicentennial Park (7 Mile & Wayne): Play structure and swings.
  • Bien Park (Eckles, South of 5 Mile) Play structure.
  • Botsford Park (Lathers, North of 7 Mile): Small play structure, swings, slide and climber.
  • Dooley Park (Robert E. McCann Park) (South of Adams Elementary): Swings, slide and climber. 
  • Elm Park (Capitol & Cardwell): Swings, slide and climber.      
  • Greenwood Park (Blue Skies, North of 5 Mile): Play structure and swings.

  • Mies Park  Play structures, swings, slide and climber.
  • Pastor Park (West of Jackson School): Play structure and swings.
  • Rotary Park (6 Mile at Hubbard): Play structures and swings.
  • Shelden Park (Van Court & Woodring): Play structure and swings.