Hiring a Contractor

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Things to consider before hiring a contractor for any work - or emergency / disaster work

Get more than one quote / estimate, three is a good number.

v  Check your contractor
    A.  Credentials – state licenses (see below)
    B.  Insurance – both liability and for poor workmanship
        1.  Call the insurance company to verify the policy
    C.  Past Customers – call them
    D.  Better Business Bureau – 248-223-9400 – www.easternmichiganbbb.org

v  Never pay for the entire job:
    A.  Before the work begins (a material deposit may be ok)
    B.  Until all work is completed – inspected and approved

v  Have a valid written contract
    A. This should spell out:
        1.  Scope of the work
        2.  Materials
        3.  Time Frame to complete
    B.  Have your attorney review the document

v  Obtain permits as required
    A.  Contractor should obtain permits (not homeowner) if they are doing the work
    B.  Call Inspection at 734-466-2580 for questions with types of permits that may be needed

v  Licenses may be verified by either:
    A.  Calling the State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) at 517-373-8376
    B.  State Website for:
        1.  Trades:  (Electrical, Plumbing, Heating/Cooling) – https://www.lara.michigan.gov/colaLicVerify/    
        2.  Builders and Salespersons – https://www.lara.michigan.gov/icola/Entry

v  Other Resources
    A.  Attorney General, Bill Schuette – website:  www.michigan.gov/ag  Click on the consumers protection tab and then look at recent consumer alerts.  Several helpful ones are:
        1.  Building and remodeling – advice for homeowners
        2.  Contract cancellation