The Livonia Tree City Committee

The Livonia Tree City Committee meetings are usually an hour in length and are open to the public.  Items addressed at meetings include:

  • Tree issues facing our urban environment, including plantings, removals, trimmings, pests, and road / sidewalk construction.
  • Relationship between the urban forest and storm water issues.
  • Arrangements to conduct the annual Arbor Day event.
        "Meet the Tree Committee"
The meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month on the dates listed below at Public Service headquarters, in the West conference room, 12973 Farmington Rd., one block south of Schoolcraft, and one block west of Farmington. 

Please click here for a map to our facility.  

Committee Members consist of:
Bill Craig, Chairman, and citizen representative
John Covert, citizen representative
Marybeth Dillon - Butler, citizen representative
Ben Hillard - Livonia Public Schools Liaison
Jim Jolly - Livonia City Council representative
Frank Kalinski, citizen representative 
Diane Manderachia, City of Livonia Urban Forestry Manager
Julie Noble - citizen representative
Doug Moore, Superintendent of Public Service
Ralph Williams, Tree Artisan  
An initiative made by the Tree Committee was updating the City ordinance relating to proper species planting, and updating the list of undesirable species, which was accepted by the Planning department and City Council. Another issue the Tree Committee had to address was the devastation caused by the Emerald Ash Borer, and determining the City’s response to that tree attack. 

Below is a list of the Tree City Committee meetings and events.

Upcoming Events