Annual SWPPI Report

The "SWPPI" is a required document of the watershed management plan. It is a document submitted to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and is approved and enforced by MDEQ six months after the watershed plan has been submitted to MDEQ. This Initiative is designed to implement ways to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the waters of the State. Maintenance, inspections, controls, procedures, and practices must be used to keep waste and pollutants from reaching the waters of the State. This includes roads, parking lots, structures, pipes, ditches, streams, ponds, basins, buildings, houses, open spaces, and natural areas that must be checked and maintained from any type of pollutants.   

The SWPPI Reports are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). If you need the free Adobe Reader program, click the button below to download the program.

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2018 SWPPI Report

Click here to download the 2018 SWPPI Report. 


2016 SWPPI Report
Click here to download the 2016 SWPPI Report. 

2014 SWPPI Report
Click here to download the 2014 SWPPI Report. 

2007 SWPPI Report
Click here to download the 2007 SWPPI Report.