16th District Court 16th District Court
District Court Judges
Sean P. Kavanagh
Kathleen J. McCann 

Phone Numbers 
(734) 466-2500 

Criminal / Traffic
(734) 466-2500 x3542 

(734) 466-2500 x3541 

(734) 466-2550 

32765 Five Mile Rd.
Livonia, MI  48154-3045

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ADA Request for Accommodations
Click here to download the ADA Request for Accommodations. 

Approved Surety Bond Company List for Wayne County
Click here for the 2019 Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan Approved Surety Bond Company List for Wayne County. 

Increase in Filing Fees
Please be advised that the Michigan legislature recently passed electronic filing legislation. The legislation requires District Courts to collect, on or after March 1, 2016, an "electronic filing system fee" in addition to the existing filing fees when commencing a civil action in the District Court, regardless of whether the action is filed electronically.

The increase in the filing fee is as follows:
$10.00 for civil actions filed in the District Court, including summary proceedings actions.
$20.00 for civil actions filed in the District Court, if a claim for money damages is joined with a claim for relief other than money damages.
$ 5.00 for civil actions filed in the small claims division of the District Court.

Court Holidays
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What you Should Know Before you Come to Court

Subject to Search
All persons who enter the 16th District Court are subject to a search of both their person and belongings.  Signs posted at the Court's entrance list all items which are prohibited and which will be seized if found on your person.

Proper Attire
Proper attire is required for entry into the 16th District Court.  If you are not dressed appropriately, you will not be seen by a Judge or Probation Officer.  Prohibited attire includes SHORTS, SKORTS, SLEEVELESS SHIRTS, TANK TOPS, CUT-OFFS, HATS/CAPS and other clothing which is not suitable in a court of law.  Shoes are also required.

On Time
You must appear promptly at times designated on your notice, ticket or other documentation.  Failure to appear timely may result in adverse action being taken against you.

No Food/Beverages
You will not be allowed to eat, drink, chew gum or smoke inside the courtroom.  You will also not be allowed to enter the building with any beverages or food.

Court of Record
You should not talk or make any noises while court is in session.  While this is a matter of common sense, the rule is not arbitrarily created.  The 16th District Court is a "court of record" which means that all proceedings are recorded.  Extraneous noise or talking may interfere with the recorded testimony.

Young children will not be allowed in the courtrooms during sessions without prior permission of the Judge or Magistrate.

Cell phones
You are prohibited from bringing a cell phone into the courthouse, with the only exception being licensed attorneys and police officers.  Even then, the phone must be put on silent mode when in Court.  Persons failing to obey the rule will be subject to confiscation of the phone.

The 16th District Court is located on Five Mile Road east of Farmington Road next to the Livonia Public Library.  The Court is accessible from Five Mile Road.  Click here for a map of the Court's location.