DPW - Leaf Pickup Service in Livonia

Truck vacuuming leavesEach fall the City assists residents with their leaf removal through a bulk leaf pickup program.  The collection program provides residents with help in removing the large majority of their leaves raked out to the curb, which will allow the resident to use the weekly trash collection service to dispose of residual leaves.  Leaf pick up typically begins at the end of October and runs through the beginning of December.  Details are published in the Fall/Winter newsletter and a brochure is mailed to every Livonia residence in mid-October with program details.

Prior to leaf pickup season, leaves may be disposed of using the weekly refuse collection service.  Leaves should be placed in up to 33 gallon containers marked with a yard waste sticker or in paper compost bags.  See the Yard Waste page for more information.

For an alternative to leave pickup, 
click here to see a video on the value of composting.

Bulk Leaf Collection

  • Look for red scheduling signs posted 3-6 days prior to scheduled pickup for your neighborhood. Leaf Pickup begins at 7 a.m. each day.
  • Vehicles parked in the street must be moved during the collection week.
  • Leaf Pickup will only pick up leaves. No grass, twigs or bagged compost.
  • Do not rake leaves into ditches.
  • Allow space between the curb and the leaves to allow for storm drainage.